About myself

My name is Godi Keller and  I'm lecturing in pedagogy for Teachers, but mostly for Parents. I live in Norway and work half of my time at the Rudolf Steiner University College in Oslo. The other half I'm doing Parents Courses in Norway, Sweden, Hungary, the Baltics, Slovenia, on Iceland and - if you want - in other European Countries.

Why Parents Courses?

The situation for Parents and their upbringing of Children has changed radically the last 40 years. Instead of unwritten Rules and Conventions, which some decades ago gave strong frames around the upbringing of every Child in every Family, there is today an individual freedom and for many a great confusion and uncertainty.  In this situation there are a lot of different "Super Nannies" which are giving recipes for how to solve this or that educational problem. I don't believe in such recipes. Instead, we are helping parents to come to a better understanding of the development of their Child and to improve the ability to read the actions and reactions of their Child in different ages.

Life Competencies

Together with the parents we always discuss the question of which competencies our children really need in life. The criteria for the quality of a school, as we can read it in the PISA-system, are not at all answering to that question. They are only helping those childern, who have a logical-mathematical intelligence. But to be able to produce good results in math, english and mother language have mainly nothing to do with the later career of a human. 

Much more important - and for every Child! - are qualities like Self Confidence, Trust in the World, Curiousity, Openness,  the Ability to overcome Difficulties and Crises, Social Skills and an Optimistic Attitude. We call that Life Competencies.

How we can realize an education and upbringing which supports the Life Competencies is my main concern. I work for it through lectures for Parents, School- and Kindergarten Teachers, through Parents Courses.

If you are interested in knowing more about my work: on the page "Ta kontakt" you will find all the ways you can reach me.